Monday, March 7, 2011

My Mirror


I am the kind of person who daydream most of the time that's why my imagination is very wide. Moreover, I am fascinated in discovering artistic stuff and new things. There are times that I read and view blogs which helped me to be more imaginative and expressive. On the left is my work. Additional to that, I also enjoys amateur photography.

Combine those two things, represents my interests. 

Furthermore, this avatar speaks for myself. 


In terms of the necklace cross, I firmly believe that I have a God. A god who's always there and will never abandon me. He is my strength, my refuge. I always wear a cross necklace which my best friend gave me. Moreover, I am pretty optimistic person. I believe that everything happens because it is destined to be. There;s always a reason for every smile and tears. Secondly, that coloring materials represents my interests as stated above. On the other hand, I wear clothes that I am comfortable of. So, whenever you see this avatar, think of me. This is my mirror. :-)

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