Monday, March 7, 2011

My Mirror


I am the kind of person who daydream most of the time that's why my imagination is very wide. Moreover, I am fascinated in discovering artistic stuff and new things. There are times that I read and view blogs which helped me to be more imaginative and expressive. On the left is my work. Additional to that, I also enjoys amateur photography.

Combine those two things, represents my interests. 

Furthermore, this avatar speaks for myself. 


In terms of the necklace cross, I firmly believe that I have a God. A god who's always there and will never abandon me. He is my strength, my refuge. I always wear a cross necklace which my best friend gave me. Moreover, I am pretty optimistic person. I believe that everything happens because it is destined to be. There;s always a reason for every smile and tears. Secondly, that coloring materials represents my interests as stated above. On the other hand, I wear clothes that I am comfortable of. So, whenever you see this avatar, think of me. This is my mirror. :-)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Youtube, as a growing online community

According to the Wikipedia,  Youtube is a video- sharing website in which users can upload, share, and view videos. The site was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. So it's only been six years from its inception and this site is really growing fast. It carries the Web 2.0 characteristics that's why people immediately embrace the website's environment. 

Youtube community has certain positive impacts on me personally. It helped me in accessing the information I want to know. For example, I am having a hard time in understanding a certain lesson in Math, I can browse through the videos and search for an easier ways or steps in solving a problem. Moreover, I can also access free music and new songs in just a minute. On the other hand, Youtube can be used  as a way of blogging. I've seen people who use videos on expressing what they feel, what places they've been and stuff. This inspired me to know more about my environment. It made me aware of significant tourist spots that I've taken  for granted, for example in the Philippines. On the lighter note, when I'm bored, I use the site for leisure. I browse recent videos, the top viewed uploads, or a particular episode of an American series so I can catch up with the people around me. 

Benefits of the website includes advantages for academic purposes. Youtube is a great help since it provides free information for the students. Here in the Philippines, as long as an individual has an internet connection, it will surely have a positive impact. One can research about their home works and can even ask help for the next day's exam. There are available video tutorials especially in Mathematics because most of students find a hard time understanding that subject. Teachers can also use Youtube as a means of explaining things to their students. Videos may be related to the day's lesson. In that way, the audience can fully understand what the teacher is saying since videos can hook the students' interests. 

Youtube, as a growing community, can be seen as a great help 10 years from now. Since it enables people to upload their videos freely, many sensations will be discovered. Some did like Charice Pempengco and Maria Aragon. They did a good job in singing and uplifted the pride of the Philippines. It can also be used in businesses like in marketing new ideas and advertising. With the use of technologies nowadays, one can access Youtube anywhere, anytime. Thus, enabling the people to participate more and building a better and bigger helping community.